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What if we could enhance our cognitive wellbeing while performing our daily routines?

Today, metropolitans are more connected, more demanded and more spontaneous. The omnipresence of technologies has enabled people to multitask like never before. Human lifestyle has become sophisticated and organized, and objects now have informed new modes of living. Immigration of people to big cities creates well-traveled and online citizens that expect constant services for their fast changing demands that could be arisen from their digital DNAs. 

On the other hand, with the fast speed of tools and technological advancements, the work that people do had become more complex, challenging and stressful.

Urbanites had become more connected but easily get distracted due to cognitive overloads. Switching from one task to another makes it difficult to stop paying attention to interruptions and could cause mental blocks.


For human wellbeing, Henosis created ambient products that could responds to user’s mental state and real-time psychological need. Our intelligent products could create an environment for users to focus on their important tasks while doing their daily routines especially at their workstations through listening to personalized ambient soundscapes and experiencing interactive light and visual features.

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